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What area do you serve?

We primarily service all of Lake County, IL as well as Cook County north of Chicago.  Depending on location we also service areas of southern Wisonsin as well as parts of McHenry county.

Do you move furniture?

We will gladly move any furniture that we can physically move.  Some items such as large entertainment centers, pianos, and China cabinates cannot be moved.  There is no charge for moving furniture.

How much does it cost?

We charge by the square footage or area of the job.  If you would like a room cleaned wall to wall we simply measure the length and width of the room to get the square footage.  If you would rather us clean around some furniture such as beds and dressers, you are only charged for the areas that are exposed.  For a quote please feel free to email us or contact our office at (847) 223-2398.

What types of carpet can you clean?

We are fiber experts and can clean all fibers both natural and synthetic, with the exception of silk and fabrics that must be hand cleaned. 

How long does it take to dry?

Because we use a truck mount with strong suction there is very little moisture left in the carpet.  Most carpets should be dry in 4-6 hours after cleaning.  Drying time can vary depending on relative humidity and temperature.  Some things you can do to speed up the drying process include: 

-Placing fans in rooms to circulate air

-Turning on the air contitioning in the summer or cracking windows in the drier seasons

-Turning on any household dehumidifers, especially in basements

Can the carpet be used after cleaning?

After cleaning, the carpet can be walked on with the use of indoor shoes or shoe covers which we provide.  Furniture that is moved out of the room should not be put back until the carpet is completely dry.  Furniture that you would like put back before that will be moved by our technicians and placed on top of protective tabs or foam blocks. 

How can I best prepare for a cleaning service call?

Preparing for carpet cleaning is relatively easy.  All that we ask is that all breakables be removed from furniture that you would like us to move and that items such as toys or clothes are picked up off the carpet.  We will take care of the moving of heavy furniture.  Since our hoses are connected to a cleaning unit located in our van, it is important for us to park as close to your front door/garage as possible.  We just ask that vehicles be moved out of the driveway that would prevent us from parking. 









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